Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful event, however with planning and consideration, it does not have to be difficult for your pets.

Some dogs and cats may respond to a family relocation with different behaviors. We tend to socialize dogs more by taking them to places and staying overnight with them. Cats are more focused on their surroundings and do not adapt as well to changes as dogs do.

With careful planning and consideration, moving for your pet should be low stress for them.  Here are a few pointers which will be of help for relocating with your precious pets!

Leave a pet carrier where your pet can examine it daily.

Place their favorite toy or blanket in it.

Praise him/her when going inside the carrier.

Riding in the car going on short trips and to the park will be helpful to decrease anxiety.

Positive association will reinforce the positive aspect of riding in the car.

Look for more tips coming soon........