Tips on Moving with Children

The decision is made! You are going to accept a promotion, want to downsize or moving closer to family. Regardless of the reason for your upcoming move, you have narrowed down your choices for your new home.  

It is now time to tell your children. Most of the time they may not be so accepting of the news, however there are a few steps you can take to ease the transition. Your attitude and willingness to allow your children to share in this experience will influence their feelings.

~ FAMILY MEETING~  Order some pizza and gather around the dinner table for conversation about how excited you are about your new promotion, moving near family and all of the good reasons why you are moving. Express to them that it is important for them to share their feelings.

~LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN'S FEEDBACK~  After you have narrowed down your choices for your new home, ask for their feedback. If you are moving in the local area, take them to see the homes. If long distance, share photos or show a virtual tour online of the new homes and ask them to share what they like about the homes. Explain the neighborhood to them and things to do in the surrounding area. When you have chosen your new home, CELEBRATE!!

~PURGE BEFORE PACKING~ Let the children know that it is a good time to go through their belongings and make decisions at to what to purge and what to keep. You are not asking them to purge everything and that many things have special memories. Share the options to give away items to friends, sell items or give away as donations. Have them help you organize a moving sale!

~A PLAN for DECORATING~ Get your children involved with how they want to decorate their rooms. If you are planning to buy some new furniture for their rooms, take them with you to do the shopping. For teens, set a budget for them to make decisions within that budget. It would be fun to invite friends and family over to show them their newly decorated rooms.