It's Essential!

Moving day is quickly approaching; you have your professional mover lined up, you kindly donated whatever you no longer need, you placed your change of address, called the utility companies, etc!
IT IS ESSENTIAL to make sure you pack a small bag of your ESSENTIALS! Take them with you !!
These items would include:
Personal care items
Phone charger
Have a small bag packed for the movers to load last so that you have that bag first when you arrive at your new home. These items would include:
Toilet paper
A few pots and pans, cooking utensils
Basic tools
A few bath towels
Happy Moving!! Take time for yourself to celebrate YOU!!

Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful event, however with planning and consideration, it does not have to be difficult for your pets.

Some dogs and cats may respond to a family relocation with different behaviors. We tend to socialize dogs more by taking them to places and staying overnight with them. Cats are more focused on their surroundings and do not adapt as well to changes as dogs do.

With careful planning and consideration, moving for your pet should be low stress for them.  Here are a few pointers which will be of help for relocating with your precious pets!

Leave a pet carrier where your pet can examine it daily.

Place their favorite toy or blanket in it.

Praise him/her when going inside the carrier.

Riding in the car going on short trips and to the park will be helpful to decrease anxiety.

Positive association will reinforce the positive aspect of riding in the car.

Look for more tips coming soon........

Tips on Moving with Children

The decision is made! You are going to accept a promotion, want to downsize or moving closer to family. Regardless of the reason for your upcoming move, you have narrowed down your choices for your new home.  

It is now time to tell your children. Most of the time they may not be so accepting of the news, however there are a few steps you can take to ease the transition. Your attitude and willingness to allow your children to share in this experience will influence their feelings.

~ FAMILY MEETING~  Order some pizza and gather around the dinner table for conversation about how excited you are about your new promotion, moving near family and all of the good reasons why you are moving. Express to them that it is important for them to share their feelings.

~LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN'S FEEDBACK~  After you have narrowed down your choices for your new home, ask for their feedback. If you are moving in the local area, take them to see the homes. If long distance, share photos or show a virtual tour online of the new homes and ask them to share what they like about the homes. Explain the neighborhood to them and things to do in the surrounding area. When you have chosen your new home, CELEBRATE!!

~PURGE BEFORE PACKING~ Let the children know that it is a good time to go through their belongings and make decisions at to what to purge and what to keep. You are not asking them to purge everything and that many things have special memories. Share the options to give away items to friends, sell items or give away as donations. Have them help you organize a moving sale!

~A PLAN for DECORATING~ Get your children involved with how they want to decorate their rooms. If you are planning to buy some new furniture for their rooms, take them with you to do the shopping. For teens, set a budget for them to make decisions within that budget. It would be fun to invite friends and family over to show them their newly decorated rooms. 


Moving and Your Emotions

Moving can be a stressful and emotional time, especially if you are downsizing from a home where you have raised a family. The memories alone crowd the house, never mind the actual "stuff".

Here are a couple of tips that may be helpful while going through this type of move:

1) Focus on where you are going and what you are creating; not what you are leaving behind. This is a new phase in your life and it will be a wonderful time.

2) Be Practical. Identify the objects you are taking with you and those that can be left behind.  If there is something you are not ready to part with, consider storage or giving it to someone you love.

3) Entertain. You may think this is the worst time to have people over, however if you surround yourself with family and friends as your support system, this makes a difficult situation more enjoyable. 


What you should know about RG QUALITY MOVING & STORAGE LLC

RG Quality Moving & Storage LLC is a registered, licensed bonded & insured carrier.

  • We are local movers operating 7 days a week
  • We pack/wrap, transport, unwrap and set up in your new location
  • Our clients are residential and commercial
  • No job is too small or too large for us
  • Our reasonable rates are flat fee or hourly with no hidden fees    
  • We proudly give free estimates
  • You will find our caring team to be prompt, knowledgeable, dedicated, trustworthy, professional & experienced with a personal touch to build a strong customer base
  • A manager is on site for every job
  • Our employees background is verified
  • Exceptional customer service and follow up is a must
  • Climate and non climate controlled storage units are available
  • We move pianos
  • Our packing service options include materials only, fragile items only or complete packing
  • Contact us when in need to move:
  • Home to home
  • Office to office
  • Personal belongings to and from storage units
  • Items you are donating or taking to trash
  • Furniture within your home or office



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